Colonel Lufkin

    Colonel Lufkin is often out on Temple Avenue in front of his cafe.  If Wendell stops by the Colonel, he can chat with him.

    You can type whatever you think Wendell should say.  Click and then type in Wendell's balloon.  Hit "Return" when you're
    finished.   Just shoot the breeze, or ask Colonel Lufkin for help.  Maybe he can tell Wendell how to attack the halfigator.  Maybe
    he's seen Bopsy go by.  If you can't figure out what to do, just have Wendell ask.

    Remember, Colonel Lufkin is old and hard of hearing.  If he doesn't seem to understand Wendell's comment or question, try
    rephrasing it using different words.  Sometimes just repeating a question evokes new information.

    When you're finished chatting, just click on the map and resume controlling Wendell's movement.

Copyright  2010 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.