General Instructions

    Your role in the game is to guide Wendell.  As a matter of fact, since it's just a game, he won't do anything unless you issue the

    You tell him to run, stop, hit, pick-up, drop, talk, or strike a match.  See the individual topics to find out how to do these things.

    A few things happen in a particular context.  If Wendell stops near some objects an enlarged image will appear.  If an object is
    hidden, it will not show at all unless Wendell stops near it.  If Wendell stops near Colonel Lufkin, the scene is enlarged and
    Wendell can talk to Colonel Lufkin via your keyboard.

    The halfigator is mean and nasty, but he's also a coward.  If he encounters Wendell, he will turn tail and avoid him for a while.  If
    you manage to hit the halfigator hard enough to make him run, he will head back to the swamp, but he won't pass Wendell.  You
    may have to move Wendell away so that he can get back to the swamp.

    Some things behave differently in different levels of the game.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with The Sipsey Swamp Stories, you might pick up a few ideas by looking at the map from
    the book here, Map of Frog Level and the Swamp.

Copyright  2010 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.