How to hit things

    Wendell can hit with any object he is carrying in his hand.  Use the "h" key to tell Wendell to hit something in front of him while
    he is standing.

    Some objects may have an effect in a particular context or not.

    As in real life, aim and timing are important when you hit something.  If Wendell strikes at something before it's near him, it
    doesn't have the desired effect.  If he waits too late, the target may begin to leave.

    A good blow has to be carried through to have its effect.  If you instruct Wendell to hit before he has finished an earlier blow, he
    can't carry through.

    Multiple blows may be effective when a single blow isn't.  For maximum effect, you want to time the blows to get in as many as
    possible while allowing each to strike home.

    You'll see a reaction if you hit something effectively.

    Practice makes perfect.

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