Cottonmouth Moccasins

    Sometimes when the weather is just right, cottonmouth moccasin snakes come out of the swamp into Frog Level.  Wendell may
    encounter some of them,  Be careful.

    If Wendell can't outrun it, he may be able to kill it by hitting it.  He'll have to find some object that works.  Not just anything will

    Have Wendell face the snake head on and whack it just before it gets to him.  It'll bite Wendell immediately if it gets close
    enough.  If he kills it, you'll see it coil up beside the road.

    Halfigators and cottonmouths don't like each other.  If the halfigator encounters a cottonmouth, then the halfigator gets a tasty
    snack, and Wendell's problem is solved.

Copyright  2010 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.