Wendell Wiggins grew up in Fayette, Alabama.  In ancient
times, Fayette was called Frog Level.  The name was derived
from the circumstance that Frog Level is situated on the west
edge of the Sipsey Swamp, right on the level with the frogs  --
and cottonmouth moccasins and other denizens of the swamp.
 While the name had been officially changed, Wendell always
thought of his home as Frog Level.

It seemed like a good, straightforward, and descriptive name.  
Thus, when Wendell and Joan moved to their home on the
bank of Appenzell Creek in Pennsylvania, Wendell chose Frog
Level as the name for their home.
Header image:  Appenzell
Creek at the bend where it is
turned by a vertical cliff of
Pennsylvania shale.  The photo
was taken after several nights
of subfreezing weather and a
snowfall.  January, 2006.
Copyright  2006 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.