A curious boy—not very good at sports or socializing because
he spends most of his time building electronic gadgets and
things that burn or explode—and his much more normal older
brother grow up in the small Alabama town of Frog Level and
explore the nearby, mysterious Sipsey Swamp. Although the
swamp seems ordinary to those who don’t venture in, it
introduces the boys to strange religious customs, a cowboy
movie star, and a secret assignment to finish up military duties
left over from World War II. The boys prove over and over their
grandmother's warning that, “Things you see in the swamp are
not always what they seem.” The local newspaper reporter
probes activities that the boy would prefer to keep quiet and gets
him into a scheme to give an obnoxious grownup his
comeupance. One school year sends the boys and their
schoolmates on a hunt for legendary treasure. Summer
vacations bring an encounter with a fiery demon and unexpected
opportunities and mishaps at an oil drilling rig. Then the boy’s
swamp adventures abruptly, unexpectedly end; and he receives
a dramatic send-off to fulfill his childhood dreams.

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Copyright 2007,2008 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.
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Creek above the footbridge
The Sipsey Swamp Stories
by Wendell Wiggins

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