"This is a highly original book. Entertaining for both children and adults,
The Sipsey Swamp Stories are poignantly adventurous, witty, and
refreshingly innocent. Put on the fire, gather the kids, and allow yourselves
to be taken back to a time when there were no 'play dates'...just boys
pretending to be cowboys, hanging out in the swamp, with only Mother
Nature as the babysitter..."        Erin Gill Reilly, Composer and musical artist
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"Who doesn't love quirky yarns about childhood adventures, especially
when they involve a madcap treasure hunt, a spunky tobacco chewing
granny, a smarmy cottonmill king, and a fiery swamp monster unmasked
as...well, I suppose you'll just have to read the book. Set in what we'd like
to believe was a simpler era, the stories capture the language, character,
and mythos of a particular place in America. But don't be fooled: like all
good children's books, The Sipsey Swamp Stories isn't really for children.
Nor is it merely of local interest. Instead, it's a series of coming-of-age tales
for all of us, funny and touching, and as rich and satisfying as Southern
creamed corn."        Lou Moyer
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"Mixing a bit of real history with a healthy dose of humor and imagination,
Wendell Wiggins has created a charming collection of short stories.  His
endearing characters and the rich and enticing setting will appeal to both
children and adults.  Each story is unique in its plotline—yet there is a
pleasing continuity that allows the reader to become immersed in the
culture, the families, the town and the land.
A visit to the Sipsey Swamp through these stories is a good time,
indeed."     Ellen Picard, Drama and Music Teacher
Copyright 2006 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.
Copyright 2006 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.
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