Summertime at Frog Level: An art quilt that uses traditional and
free-motion quilting as well as surface embroidery and machine
lace techniques. Click on the image to see a bigger version.
Copyright 2006, 2008 James W. Wiggins.  All rights reserved.
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Summertime at Frog Level
Joan's Fiber Arts Page
The doggie vest is an example of free style or surface embroidery.  I used
felt for the foundation of the vest and then used various kinds of
embroidery floss, ribbons and other embellishments for the design. There
is no predrawn design; I just stitched whatever stitches that seem to flow
with the piece.  The idea for this project came from a good friend, Imelda
Pope, who has made many of these beautiful vests.
The Menorah project is a paper-pieced and hand-quilted wall hanging.  
The pattern I used is from The Foundation Piecer, Volume 5, Number 6,
Page 18.  Paper Piecing is a way of constructing quilt blocks. The blocks
are made by machine by stitching along lines drawn on paper. The
complete design is first transferred to paper by various means, i.e.  tracing
or copying.  The pieces are numbered, and then stitched together in
numerical order.  The paper provides both the foundation and the pattern
for the block.