Science and Society, Summer 2009
    The Science and Society course covers topics in science that are currently
    in the news or should be.  The instructor explains background information
    for each topic assuming only High School General Science and Math.
    Reading assignments are provided for each topic.  The attendees are
    expected to read the material before the session so that they will be
    prepared to understand the lectures better and be prepared to ask about
    issues that puzzle them.
    The topics do not necessarily occupy one week each.  We will discuss
    each one until we are finished, then move on to the next.  If we do not
    finish the list, so it must be.

    1. Introduction: What is Science?
    2. Renewable Energy
    3. Nuclear Power
    4. Wind Power
    5. Power Transmission
    6. Genetic Manipulation
    7. Particle Physics, Particle Accelerators, and the Large
       Hadron Collider (LHC)
    8. Consciousness
    9. Evolution

The course will run for eight weeks, but I expect at least one of the topics
to take more than one session.

Reading Recommendations are here
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TOALC Science and Society, 2009